I am a horrible blogger!!

Hello Hopefuls!

I can’t thank you enough for your amazing comments and kind words. Writing is not for the faint of heart, and blogging isn’t easy either, but I started this blog to gain a platform.  Everything I had researched with regard to getting published was about having a social media platform or a blog so I did it – come to find out that having a platform is far more important when you’re trying to get a non-fiction manuscript on the market.  At any rate, I haven’t written on this blog for about a year so I probably have no followers at this point.  Who follows a blog with a ghosted writer, right?  Your comments inspired me to continue writing and I will be sure to write a blog at least once a week.  I’m not so concerned about a platform anymore, but knowing that my trials over the last year may be able to help other fledgling writers makes it all worth while!

Little bit of housekeeping now.  Many of you asked about my blog platform and I have to be honest, I don’t know crap about web sites, graphics or programming.  However, I am VERY fortunate to have a great local company that agreed to design my site and make it “idiot proof” (my words, not theirs), so I can’t take much credit.  It is a word press platform but they have made it SO user friendly that even I can’t screw it up!  Thank you Mikey and Andy!

Secondly, there were questions about my research being accurate and I want to state that EVERYTHING I write in this blog is based off of my own research, and based solely on my own experience.  IF I have used information from a source, it is put into my own words and in my unique writing style, so it’s all original content.  Everything I write in this blog is intended for new authors trying to navigate the pitfalls of getting published, and if someone can triumph from my tribulations I am THRILLED!

Lastly, I just attended my first writers conference in Northern Kentucky and I have A LOT of information to share!  LOL.

Stay tuned my Hopefuls!

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