Gone Fishin’

Hello Hopefuls,

I have been away from this blog for a year, trying to finish my manuscript and it has been challenging.  I’ve decided to dedicate this particular entry to the emotional side of what we do – or try to do – because it can be crazy making!  I do promise to write more frequently and not ghost any possible followers (not that I have an abundance of followers at the moment, but hey – quality vs. quantity, right!)

Little bit about me, I am in my 40’s (ouch!) and run a local catering company in the Midwest, so I’m well versed on running a large company, talking to clients and even public speaking.  Which brings me to the most interesting part of this whole process.  People at work, acquaintances and even my close friends know that I like to write, hell, some even knew that I was writing a book, but when it came to me explaining what my book was about I froze up and damn near wet myself.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around it.  I can stand up in front of a couple hundred people and talk about the wacky world of catering, or how to plan an event, but talking about my book made me feel like that awkward teenager that I left behind in eighth grade.

Interestingly enough, I attended the Northern Kentucky Writer’s Conference (https://kentuckywritingworkshop.com/) recently and found myself amidst a group of people that were in the same boat.  A surgeon writing a medical thriller, someone who works in D.C. writing a romance novel and a Midwest mother of 4 writing a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series – all of them had the same feelings of inadequacy.  It made me feel close to normal again, made my anxiety dissipate and allowed me to give my in-person pitch without tossing my lunch (more on my in-person pitch in my future posts).

Moral of the story: as a new author you have to become comfortable with your material – no matter how personal it might feel.  I didn’t want people who knew me in a professional capacity to find out that I was a paranormal freak; that I LOVED ghost stories and supernatural thrillers about “what happens next”.  They might think I’m nuts, or at the very least – strange.  But if I’m gonna put my heart (and about a year and a half of my free time) into a manuscript, then I better be ready to put it out there to the universe and be PROUD!

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