A picture is NOT worth a thousand words

Hello Hopefuls,

I’ve recently been asked, why don’t you add pictures to your blog?  The short answer is that this is a writer’s blog designed to help fledgling authors like myself.  Even though my first novel hasn’t been published yet, I HAVE gone through the trials and trepidations of trying to give birth to my novel for the last two years.  Okay, cue the ranting monologue.

In this world teens and twenty-somethings insisting that everything be visual, that reading without pictures takes way too long, I have one word  – de-evolution.  Allow me to explain.  As a species, we have evolved from our Cro-Magnon ancestors who drew on caves in the absence of a unified language.  However, in today’s world of Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook Live, Youtube and God knows what else, we have become a society of images, not words.  When we evolved, we learned to navigate the pitfalls of language; to string together eloquent elongated words that formed a web of mental imagery.  We told stories about our heritage, wrote huge novels about magnificently epic stories that remain classics some 100 years later.  But now, in this new world of clicking, tagging and posting, all we do – or seem to have the time for – is look at images to convey messages.  De-evolution at it’s best.

I am a writer.  Whether or not I ever get a book published is irrelevant because I am still and will always be a writer – a lover of words and imagery, similes and metaphors that force pictures into the imagination.

So, in closing, IF this were a gardening blog, or a carpentry blog, pictures would certainly be appropriate – but it’s not.   This is a writer’s blog so it is and always will be full of words.

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